Welcome To The Jungle....

 Ok, so it's not actually the Jungle, It's our brand spanking new website.

We do have fun and games though, we also have Music, Film, Books & Merch!

Plus we currently have a great launch offer of 15% off all orders over £10* when you use code FF15% at the checkout.

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We know that sometimes buying from a new Website can make you a bit wary; there's so many questions: Where is my order coming from? Is this a legitimate company? Who am I buying from? All of this info & loads more can be found in our 'About Us' & 'F.A.Q' sections.


We wanted our first blog post to be personal so you can see the faces behind the business, after all it's nice to know who you're dealing with!


Meet The Team


Richard 'Chalky' White

Founder of Chalkys: September 1987

Favourite Album: Stevie Wonder - Original Musiquarium

Favourite Film: Blues Brothers

Random Fact:Once sang a duet with Rod Stewart at a private meet and greet organised by the record label.

Hana Rogers

Joined Team Chalkys: January 2006

Favourite Album: Tom Petty - Into The Great Wide Open

Favourite Film: The Wedding Singer

Random Fact: Once ate 18 slices of Pizza in one sitting!

Jason Hawkes

Joined Team Chalkys: October 2008

Favourite Album: AC/DC - Highway To Hell

Favourite Film: 2001 A Space Odyssey

Random Fact: Enjoys traveling the country via camper van with his family & 2 dogs.

Kelly Curtis

Joined Team Chalkys: October 2016

Favourite Album: H.I.M - Love Metal

Favourite Film: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Random Fact: Love singing and has performed at various Local Music festivals.

Stephen 'Snowy' King

Joined Team Chalkys: March 2016

Favourite Album: Nelly- 5.0

Favourite Film: Grown Ups

Random Fact: Plays loads of Sports for various local teams.

Megan Winwright

Joined Team Chalkys: April 2017

Favourite Album: Drake - Take Care

Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing

Random Fact: Enjoys spending lots of time with family - especially when there's cocktails!

Kayleigh Watts

Joined Team Chalkys: August 2017

Favourite Album: The Weeknd - Beauty Behind The Madness

Favourite Film: Wonder

Random Fact: Loves Videography & occasionally films Weddings.


You can find out even more about Team Chalkys over on our Meet The Team page.

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We hope you enjoy our new site as much as we've enjoyed creating it!

Team Chalkys x


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