The Selecter - Too Much Pressure (40th Aniv) DLX Sent Sameday* AUDIO CD

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Track List:
Disc: 1
1. Three Minute Hero
2. Everyday
3. They Make Me Mad
4. Missing Words
5. Danger
6. Street Feeling
7. My Collie (Not A Dog)
8. Too Much Pressure
9. Murder
10. Out On The Streets
11. Carry Go Bring Come
12. Black And Blue
13. James Bond
Disc: 2
1. The Selecter
2. On My Radio
3. Too Much Pressure (Version)
4. Street Feeling (Outtake)
5. They Make Me Mad (John Peel Session 22/10/79)
6. Carry Go Bring Come (John Peel Session 22/10/79)
7. Danger (John Peel Session 22/10/79)
8. Street Feeling (John Peel Session 22/10/79)
9. Three Minute Hero (Alt Version)
10. Missing Words (Single Version)
11. Carry Go Bring Come (Live at Tiffany's / B Side)
12. A Live Injection / Mony Mony / Too Much Pressure (Soundcheck)
13. The Whisper
14. Train To Skaville
15. Cool Blue Lady (Outtake)
16. Train To Skaville (Extended Version)
17. On My Radio (Ready Mix Radio)
Disc: 3
1. Murder (Live At Tiffany's
2. Out On The Streets (Live At Tiffany's
3. James Bond (Live At Tiffany's
4. Sweet Collie (Live At Tiffany's
5. Street Feeling (Live At Tiffany's
6. Everyday (Live At Tiffany's
7. The Selecter (Live At Tiffany's
8. Danger (Live At Tiffany's
9. They Make Me Mad (Live At Tiffany's
10. Carry Go Bring Come (Live At Tiffany's
11. On My Radio (Live At Tiffany's
12. Too Much Pressure (Live At Tiffany's
13. Three Minute Hero (Live in Hemel Hempstead 28/2/80)
14. Black And Blue (Live in Hemel Hempstead 28/2/80)
15. Missing Words (Live in Hemel Hempstead 28/2/80)
16. Train To Skaville (Live in Hemel Hempstead 28/2/80)
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