Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Series 5 (Slimline Edition) [DVD]

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Please note this is a region 2 DVD and will require a region 2 (Europe) or region Free DVD Player in order to play.r r The entire fifth season of this spin-off series. In Apocalypse Rising, stardate 50013.9, Sisko and an away team alter themselves surgically to look like Klingons and try to plot an assassination of a founder masquerading as a high-ranking Klingon. In The Ship, stardate 50049.3, a salvage mission goes awry when Sisko and his away team become involved in a game of cat and mouse with a JemHadar ship. In Looking for Parmach in All the Wrong Places, stardate 50061.2, Quarks Klingon ex-wife turns up at the station for his help in her finances. He soon finds himself falling for her again, as does Worf who nevertheless helps Quark to woo her. In Nor the Battle to the Strong, stardate 50098.7, Bashir and Jake come across a Starfleet colony in the midst of war with the Klingons. Jake soon finds that the reality of war is far from exciting and that there is a fine line between cowardice and bravery. In The Assignment, stardate 50124.3, Keiko returns from Bajor seemingly possessed by a non-corporeal alien.The alien then threatens to kill Keiko if Chief OBrien fails to sabotage the station. In Trials and Tribble-ations, stardate 4523.7, Sisko, Dax, Odo, Worf, Bashir and OBrien find themselves thrown back in time to a point where Kirk and the original Enterprise crew are having a little trouble with some Klingons and a lot of furry little squeaks. This show is Deep Space Nines contribution to the 30th Anniversary celebrations, and features similar special effects as were used in Forrest Gump to put the space station crew in the same scenes as the original cast. In Let He Who is Without Sin, stardate 50136.7, Worf and Dax plan a trip to Risa for a vacation, but are joined by Bashir, Leeta and Quark. To make matters worse for Worf, whose temper is at breaking point, he becomes involved with a group who are planning to destroy Risa.

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