Star Trek Voyager - Season 2 (Slimline Edition) [ DVD

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The complete second season of the popular Star Trek spin-off series. In The 37s, the crew discover a 1936 Ford pick-up truck stranded in space. In Initiations, Commander Chakotay is hunted by a viscious sect of Kazon warriors, but he makes friends with his young pursuer. In Projections, the emergency holographic doctor is activated, only to undergo an identity crisis. Elogium sees Kes become a compulsive eater. In Non Sequiter, Harry Kim awakes to find himself back home in Los Angeles with his fiancee having never served on Voyager. Starfleet begin to believe he is a Maquis spy, especially when he meets with a down and out Tom Paris, who also never served on Voyager. In Twisted, the ship becomes trapped in a spacial wave of distortion. In Parturition, Neelix and Pariss problems concerning Kes come to a head, but they have to resolve it when they are stranded on a planet together. In Persistence of Vision, the captain relaxes in her Victorian Holodeck program, but trouble occurs when she begins to see images from the holo-novel outside of the holodeck. In Tattoo, Chakotay is surprised to find an ancient symbol of his Earth tribe on an M Class planet in the Delta Quadrant. This sparks memories of his youth on Earth. Cold Fire sees the Voyager being lured to an array by a highly evolved offshoot of Kess race. In Maneuvers, the Kazon manage to get aboard the Voyager and steal vital technology, and it soon becomes apparent that they have received help from an old adversary. In Resistance, the crew beam down to a planet to find important crystals, but they are overpowered by the natives. The captain awakes to find herself being cared for by an old man who thinks that she is his daughter. In Prototype, BElanna is kidnapped by robots and given a task that not only stretches her talents as an improvisational engineering genius, but also tests her loyalty to her crew and the Prime Directive.

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