Anastacia - Pieces of a Dream - The Best of Anastacia Audio CD

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Track List:
1. Left Outside Alone
2. Sick and Tired
3. Paid My Dues
4. Not That Kind
5. One Day In Your Life
6. Im Outta Love
7. Im Outta Love
8. Not That Kind
9. Cowboys and Kisses
10. Made For Lovin You
11. Paid My Dues
12. One Day In Your Life
13. Whyd You Lie To Me
14. Youll Never Be Alone
15. Left Outside Alone
16. Sick and Tired
17. Welcome To My Truth
18. Heavy On My Heart
19. Everything Burns (Ben Moody featuring Anastacia)
20. I Belong To You (Il Ritmo Della Passione)
21. Pieces Of A Dream
22. In Your Eyes
23. Club Megamix