Bryn Terfel - Bryn Terfel: The Vagabond Audio CD

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Track List:
1. 1. The Vagabond
2. 2. Let beauty awake
3. 3. The roadside fire
4. 4. Youth and love
5. 5. In dreams
6. 6. The infinite shining heavens
7. 7. Whither must I wander?
8. 8. Bright is the ring of words
9. 9. I have trod the upward and the downward slope
10. Come away, come away, death
11. Who is Silvia?
12. Fear no more the heat o the sun
13. O Mistress mine
14. It was a lover and his lass
15. Bredon Hill
16. Oh fair enough are sky and plain
17. When the lad for longing sighs
18. On the idle hill of summer
19. With rue my heart is laden
20. I must go down to the seas again
21. Dunno a heap about the what an why
22. Its pleasant in Holy Mary by San Marie lagoon
23. Loveliest of trees
24. When I was one-and-twenty
25. Look not in my eyes
26. Think no more, lad
27. The lads in their hundreds
28. Is my team ploughing?