Im A Romany Rai Audio CD

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Track List:
Disc 1
1. Phoebe Smith: Im a Romany Rai - Phoebe Smith
2. Tom Willett: The Roaming Journeyman - Tom Willett
3. Janet Penfold: Wont You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender? - Janet Penfold
4. Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of Sweet Primroses - Rebecca Penfold
5. Charlie Scamp: How Old Are You, My Pretty Fair Maid? - Charlie Scamp
6. Mary Fuller: Oh, What a Life - Mary Fuller
7. Wally Fuller: The Game of Cards - Wally Fuller
8. Charlie Scamp: Come, Father, Build Me a Boat - Charlie Scamp
9. Sheila Smith: Dear Father, Pray Build Me a Boat - Sheila Smith
10. Phoebe Smith: Higher Germany - Phoebe Smith
11. Tom Willett: The Rose of Ardene - Tom Willett
12. Rebecca Penfold: Meeting is a Pleasant Place - Rebecca Penfold
13. Jack Fuller: Briny OThen - Jack Fuller
14. Wally Fuller: The Bold Drunkards - Wally Fuller
15. Chris Willett: The Little Ball of Yarn - Chris Willett
16. Jack Fuller: Green Grow the Laurels - Jack Fuller
17. Rebecca Penfold: The Banks of the Sweet Dundee - Rebecca Penfold
18. Charlie Scamp: Young Leonard - Charlie Scamp
19. Phoebe Smith: Down by the Sheepfold - Phoebe Smith
20. Chris Willett: Thorny Park - Chris Willett
21. Wally Fuller: The Bold Poachers - Wally Fuller
22. Tom and Chris Willett: Down by the Tanyard Side - Tom and Chris Willett
23. Wally Fuller: I Am a Man Thats Done Wrong to My Parents - Wally Fuller
24. Charlie Scamp: Barbary Allen - Charlie Scamp
25. Charlie Scamp: A Blacksmith Courted Me - Charlie Scamp
26. Phoebe Smith: A Blacksmith Courted Me - Phoebe Smith
Disc 2
1. Carolyne Hughes: The Soldier and the Lady
2. Carolyne Hughes: The Sprig of Thyme
3. Carolyne Hughes: A Blacksmith Courted Me
4. Carolyne Hughes: The London Murder
5. Carolyne Hughes and daughter: As I Was A-walking One May Summers Morning
6. Carolyne Hughes: Once I Had a Colour
7. Carolyne Hughes: My Father He Built Me a Shady Bower
8. Carolyne Hughes: Georgie
9. Carolyne Hughes: Young Willie
10. Carolyne Hughes: My Black Dog and Sheep Crook
11. Carolyne Hughes: If I Were a Blackbird
12. Carolyne Hughes: Down by the Old Riverside
13. Carolyne Hughes: A Wager, a Wager
14. Carolyne Hughes: The Brake of Briars
15. Carolyne Hughes: The Bird in the Bush
16. Carolyne Hughes: Flash Girls and Airy
17. Carolyne Hughes: The Game of Cards
18. Carolyne Hughes: Catch Me, Bold Rogue, If You Can
19. Celia Warren: Jealousy Thoughts - Celia Warren
20. John Hughes: The Long Lost Child - John Hughes
21. Carrie Hughes: Henry My Son
22. John Hughes: Barbry Allen - John Hughes
23. Carolyne Hughes and Daughter: Billy Boy
24. Carolyne Hughes: The Cuckoo
25. Carolyne Hughes: Died for Love
26. Carolyne Hughes: Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender
27. Carolyne Hughes: The Little Boy
28. Carolyne Hughes: Adieu to Old England
29. Carolyne Hughes: The Butcher Boy
30. Carolyne Hughes: My Truelove Was a Sailor Lad
31. Carolyne Hughes: Meet Me Tonight in the Moonlight
32. Carolyne Hughes: Tuning
33. Carolyne Hughes: The Draggle-Tailed Gypsies

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