Kenny Rogers - Kenny Rogers / 5 Classic Albums Audio CD

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Track List:
Disc 1
1. Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)
2. I Wasn't Man Enough
3. Mother Country Music
4. Why Don't We Go Somewhere and Love
5. Green Green Grass of Home
6. Till I Get It Right
7. Lucille
8. The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
9. Lay Down Beside Me
10. Puttin' in Overtime at Home
11. While I Play the Fiddle
Disc 2
1. Daytime Friends
2. Desperado
3. Rock and Roll Man
4. Lying Again
5. I'll Just Write My Music and Sing My Songs
6. My World Begins and Ends With You
7. Sweet Music Man
8. Am I Too Late
9. We Don't Make Love Anymore
10. Ghost of Another Man
11. Let Me Sing for You
Disc 3
1. Love Or Something Like It
2. There's a Lot of That Going Around
3. Buried Treasures
4. Something About Your Song
5. Momma's Waiting
6. We Could Have Been the Closest of Friends
7. I Could Be So Good for You
8. Sail Away
9. Even a Fool Would Let Go
10. Highway Flyer
11. Starting Again
Disc 4
1. The Gambler
2. I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again
3. The King of Oak Street
4. Making Music for Money
5. The Hoodooin' of Miss Fannie Deberry
6. She Believes in Me
7. Tennessee Bottle
8. Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man
9. A Little More Like Me (The Crucifixion)
10. San Franciso Mabel Joy
11. Morgana Jones
Disc 5
1. You Turn the Light On
2. You Decorated My Life
3. She's a Mystery
4. Goodbye Marie
5. Tulsa Turnaround
6. I Want to Make You Smile
7. Santiago Midnight Moonlight
8. One Man's Woman
9. In and Out of Your Heart
10. Old Folks
11. Coward of the County

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