Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won (Remastered CD)

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Track List:
Disc 1
1. LA Drone (Live) [Remastered]
2. Immigrant Song (Live) [Remastered]
3. Heartbreaker (Live) [Remastered]
4. Black Dog (Live) [Remastered]
5. Over The Hills And Far Away (Live) [Remastered]
6. Since I've Been Loving You (Live) [Remastered]
7. Stairway To Heaven (Live) [Remastered]
8. Going to California (Live) [Remastered]
9. That's The Way (Live) [Remastered]
10. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp (Live) [Remastered]
Disc 2
1. Dazed And Confused (Live) [Remastered]
2. What Is And What Should Never Be (Live) [Remastered]
3. Dancing Days (Live) [Remastered]
4. Moby Dick (Live) [Remastered]
Disc 3
1. Whole Lotta Love (Live) [Remastered]
2. Rock And Roll (Live) [Remastered]
3. The Ocean (Live) [Remastered]
4. Bring It On Home (Live) [Remastered]
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