Osibisa - Singles As, Bs and 12 Inches Audio CD

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Track List:
Disc 1
1. Happy Children(Promo Single)A-side,1974
2. The Coffee Song,Single(UK)1976
3. Sakabo,B-side of The Warrior(UK)1977
4. Fire,A-side(Germany)1974
5. Music For a Gong Gong,A-side(UK)1971
6. Sunshine Day,A-side(UK)1975
7. Whos Got The Paper,A-side(Germany)1974
8. Oreba(Magic People)A-side(UK)
9. Moving On,B-side of Oreba(Magic People)(UK)1980
10. Survival(Short Version)A-side(UK)1972
11. Uhuru,B-side of The Warrior(UK)1975
12. Getting Hot,A-side(Germany)1987
13. Wooly Bully,A-side(UK)1985
14. The Lions Walk,B-side of Wooly Bully(UK)1985
15. Woyaya,B-side Music For a gong(UK)1971
16. Wango Wango(Makin Everybody Happy)Single A-side(Germany)1972
17. Think About The People,B-side of The Dawn(Portugal),1971
18. Y Sharp,A-side,Track 1(Portugal),1972
19. Beautiful 7(Magnifico)A-side,Track 2(Portugal),1972
20. The Dawn,A-side(Portugal),1971
21. Black Ant(Mono version)A-side(UK),1971
Disc 2
1. Living,Loving Feeling,A-side,(UK),1977
2. Move Your Body,A-side(Germany),1982
3. Adwoa,B-side of Fire(Germany),1974
4. Celebration,A-side(Germany),1980
5. Super Fly Man,A-side(UK),1973(from the LP Super Fly)
6. Kotoko(Mono version)B-side of Black Ant(UK),1971
7. Move On,B-side of Survival(UK),1972
8. La Ila I La La,A-side(France),1973
9. The Warrior,A-side(UK),1975
10. Dance The Body Music,A-side(UK),1976
11. Right Now,B-side of Dance The Body Music(UK),1976
12. Pata Pata,A-side(Germany),1980
13. Ana Bo,B-side of Wango Wango(Germany),1972
14. Sunset,B-side of The Coffee Song(UK),1976
15. Bum To Bum,B-side of Sunshine Day(UK),1975
16. Lolita(Promo Single)B-side of Happy Children(UK),1974
17. Jumbo,B-side of Pata Pata(Germany),1980
18. Ayiko Bia,A-side(Spain),1972
19. Oye Mama,B-side of La Ila I La La(France),1973
20. Rokoto,B-side of Whos Got The Paper(Germany),1974
Disc 3
1. Keep On Trying,12 Inch Maxi-Single B-side of The Coffee Song(UK),1976
2. Sunshine Day(1982 version)B-side of Move Your Body(Germany),1982
3. Getting Hot(Bush-fire-mix)B-side of Getting Hot(Germany),1987
4. Prophets,(from the LP Super Fly)B-side of Super Fly Man(UK),1973
5. Fire(Edited Version-Mono)A-side(Promo)(US),1973
6. Welcome Home(from The Live double album Black Magic Night)B-side of Living,Loving Feeling(UK),1977
7. Survival,A-side(UK),1972
8. The Warrior(Different take)A-side(UK),1977
9. Malaika,B-side(12 Inch Maxi single)(France),1980
10. Raghupati Raghava Rajaram(The Joy Of Om)A-side(12 Inch Maxi single)India),1981
11. Voices Of India(Original Live Recording Concert Tour India 81)A-side(12 Inch Maxi single)(India),1981
12. Feels Good(Radio Mix)-,A-side Track 1(12 Inch Maxi single)(UK),1994
13. Feels Good(Original)-B-side Track 1(12 Inch Maxi single)(UK),1994
14. Celebration(12 Inch version)-A-side(12 Inch Maxi single)(France),1980
15. Meeting Point(12 Inch mix)B-side(12 Inch Maxi single)(UK),1980
Disc 4
1. Sunshine Day(82 Version)B-side(Germany),1982
2. Pata Pata(12 Inch version)A- side(Germany),1980
3. Move Your Body(Power Mix)B-side(12 Inch Maxi single)(Germany),1982
4. Wooly Bully(12 Inch version)A-side(12 Inch Maxi single)(UK),1985
5. The Lions Walk(12 Inch Version)B-side of Wooly Bully (12 Inch Maxi single)(UK),1985
6. Getting Hot(Maxi Mix)A-side,Track 1(12 Inch Maxi single)(Germany),1987
7. Feels Good(The Kent Height Clubbd Up Mix)A-side,Track 2(12 Inch Maxi single)(UK),1994
8. Celebration(12 Inch version)different take)A-side(12 Inch Maxi single)(UK),1980
9. Moving On(12 Inch version)B-side(12 Inch Maxi single)(UK),1980
10. Getting Hot(Crazy Vocal Mix)B-side,Track 2(12 Inch Maxi single)(Germany), 1987
11. Getting Hot(Crazy Instrumental Mix)B-side,Track 1(12 Inch Maxi single)(Germany), 1987
12. Feels Good(Original Instrumental)-12 Inch Maxi single,(UK), 1994
13. Getting Hot(Instrumental)(Single version)-B-side(Italy), 1987

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