rederick Delius - Delius: Sea Drift / Songs of Sunset Audio CD

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Track List:
1. Sea Drift
2. How Sweet the Silent Backward Tracings!
3. I Stand As On Some Mighty Eagles Beak
4. Passage to You! O Secret of the Earth and Sky!
5. Joy, Shipmate, Joy!
6. Now Finale to the Shore
7. A Song of the Setting Sun!
8. Cease Smiling, Dear! A Little While Be Sad
9. Pale Amber Sunlight Falls
10. Exceeding Sorrow Consumeth My Sad Heart!
11. By the Sad Waters of Separation
12. See How the Trees and the Osiers Lethe
13. I Was Not Sorrowful, I Could Not Weep
14. They Are Not Long, the Weeping and the Laughter

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