The Music of Nashville Audio CD

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Track List:
1. Buried Under (Connie Britton)
2. If I Didnt Know Better (Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen)
3. Undermine (Hayden Panettiere, Charles Esten)
4. Sideshow (Charles Esten)
5. Wrong Song (Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere)
6. No One Will Ever Love You (Connie Britton, Charles Esten)
7. Twist of Barbwire (Jonthan Jackson)
8. Love Like Mine (Hayden Panettiere)
9. Telescope (Lennon Stella, Maisy Stella)
10. When The Right One Comes Along (Clare Bowen, Sam Palladio)
11. Telescope (Radio Mix - Hayden Panettiere)

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