The Velvelettes - The Motown Anthology Audio CD

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Track List:
1. Selfish Lover (2004 Anthology Version)
2. The Boy From Crosstown (Alternate Version)
3. A Love So Deep Inside (2004 Anthology Version)
4. Should I Tell Them (Single Version)
5. Aint No Place Like Motown
6. My Foolish Heart (Keeps Hanging On To A Memory) (2004 Anthology Version)
7. Hes The One (2004 Anthology Version)
8. Mama Please (2004 Anthology Version)
9. Everybody Needs Love
10. There He Goes (Single Version)
11. Somethings Happening (2004 Anthology Version)
12. Thats The Reason Why (Alternate Version)
13. I Know His Name (Only His Name) (1999 The Very Best Of Version)
14. Love Is Good
15. The Monkey (Hoky Poky) (2004 Anthology Version)
16. These Things Will Keep Me Loving You (Stereo Version)
17. Thats A Funny Way (2004 Anthology Version)
18. These Things Will Keep Me Loving You (Alternative Lyric Version)
19. You Cant Get Away (2004 Anthology Version)
20. Your Heart Belongs To Me (2004 Anthology Version)
21. Seasons Greetings From Motown (Promo Version)
22. Stop Beating Around The Bush
23. Im In Love (And I Know It) (2004 Anthology Version)
24. Needle In A Haystack (Single Version)
25. (Weve Got) Honey Love (2004 Anthology Version)
26. He Was Really Sayin Somethin (Alternate Version)
27. Im So Glad Its Twilight Time (1999 The Very Best Of Version)
28. Since Ive Lost You (2004 Anthology Version)
29. Bring Back The Sunshine (2004 Anthology Version)
30. Think Of The Times (1999 The Very Best Of Version)
31. Nitty Gritty (Live (1964-Greystone Ballroom, Detroit))
32. Throw A Farewell Kiss (Single Version)
33. Long Gone Lover
34. There He Goes (Live (1964-Greystone Ballroom, Detroit))
35. Lonely, Lonely Girl Am I (Alternate Version)
36. The Monkey Time (Live (1964-Greystone Ballroom, Detroit))
37. I Cant Wait Until I See My Babys Face (Live (1964-Greystone Ballroom, Detroit))
38. Im The Exception To The Rule (Single Version)
39. Aint That Good News (Live (1964-Greystone Ballroom, Detroit))
40. Why Must You Go (2004 Anthology Version)
41. A Bird In The Hand (Is Worth Two In The Bush) (Alternate Version)
42. Puis . . . (As Long As I Know Hes Mine) (French Version)
43. Je Veux Crier (My Foolish Heart (Keeps Hanging On To A Memory)) (French Version)
44. Save Me (My Ship Of Love Is Sinking) (Alternate Version)
45. Hoky Poky (The) Monkey (French Version)
46. Since Youve Been Loving Me (Stereo Version)
47. Le Plus Marveilleux Garcon Du Monde (You Lost The Sweetest Boy) (French Version)
48. Let Love Live (A Little Bit Longer) (Alternate Version)

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