National Album Day – 13th October 2018

National Album Day – 13th October 2018

On Saturday 13th October the entire British music community are coming together to celebrate National Album day by listening to an album of choice at 3.33pm.

To coincide this occasion, an exhibition commemorating 70 years of iconic album artwork has been launched as part of the celebrations.

The public exhibition was launched at London’s Waterloo Station and will  travel to Manchester Piccadilly and Glasgow Central Station.

Spanning 7 decades the exhibition marks the milestone of the 70th anniversary of the album format. It focuses on the most iconic album artwork in pop culture and explores the fascinating history behind some of the most renowned designs of our time.

In a bid to find the nation’s favourite album cover, the public will be invited to choose 3 pieces of artwork from the 70 selected designs and can cast their votes at the here.

This will determine the UK’s ultimate album cover which will be revealed at the end of November.

We here at Chalkys love albums, it’s what we do!! Did you know that when we first opened our doors in 1987 Michael Jackson was so excited for us he decided to release his album “Bad” on the same day (OK, maybe that’s not entirely true, but that’s our story & we’re sticking to it!) That album cover for all of us here holds great memories!

It's funny how an album cover can ignite so many memories, we were talking about this in the office and one of our team recalled the time when they were younger and refused to go to bed how their dad would put on Alice Coopers album Hey Stoopid and skip to the end of the song “Wind up toy” where creepy voices said “You have to go now it’s bedtime!” he’d then proceed to pull out the album cover to spook them so they’d run upstairs and get into bed! Check out the image here - not very spooky by today's standards but to a 3 year old in 1992 it was terrifying!

In our own little celebration of National Album Day, We’d love to hear what your favourite album covers are and what covers bring back fond memories, leave us a comment on our Facebook page!

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