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Who Am I?rrOne of the trickiest tasks we ever face is that of working out who we really are.rrIf we~re asked directly to describe ourselves, our minds tend to go blank. We can~t just sum ourselves up. We need prompts and suggestions and more detailed enquiries that help tease out and organise our picture of ourselves.rrThis book is designed to help us create a psychological portrait of who we are with the use of some unusual, oblique, entertaining and playful prompts. The book is filled with exercises to help us develop our self-understanding within key areas of our lives - helping to create a rich picture of our existence. rrChapters Include:ulliPsychologyRelationshipsSex-liliOther PeopleWorkUtopiaSorrow and CompassionRe-enchantment-li-ulbrrThe School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. We address such issues as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one~s past, how to achieve calm and how better to understand, and where necessary change, the world. rrHeadquartered in London, we operate around the globe, delivering our services down a number of channels to suit your different needs. We offer classes and therapies in person. We also publish books, create films and make and sell a range of objects and tools that will assist you in the quest for a more fulfilled life. We also run a consulting and training service for businesses.
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